City Conducting Study to Revamp Service Delivery to Community

Study Aims to Enhance Service Delivery

Posted on October 26, 2018

Beginning this November, the City of Milpitas will be conducting a Service Delivery Fee Study in order to enhance service delivery, address various operational and organizational issues, and ensure operational efficiency within some of the City’s busiest departments and department divisions.

The departments included in this study make up the City’s “Community Development Service Area” and consist of: Planning, Building and Housing, Engineering – Land Development, Public Works, Utilities Engineering, Fire Prevention, and Economic Development.

These departments are responsible for providing essential city planning, building, and permitting services to both residents, businesses, and the development community.

The City has hired Matrix Consulting Group through a competitive bidding process, who will assess the current structure and function of each department, identify areas for improvement, and develop new strategies and models.

This study will lead to positive organizational change and will ultimately improve the way services are delivered to the Milpitas community.

The process is expected to about take seven months to complete.

For more detailed information, please visit this page.